Cibela A3 Drawing Board With T Square & Satchel

Do it without set squares. Angles at 15,30 & 45 degrees. Orthographic, Isometric, Oblique. Lightweight and portable board – ABS plastic 480 mm X 380 mm. Three build in paper clips to hold A4 & A3 paper in place. Vertical, horizontal and 45 degree grooves to fit the T-Square. T-Square is made of transparent poly-carbonate material and it is reversible for left or right handed students. Symbol for 1st or 3rd angle projection may be stenciled. Raised studs on both sides of the blade prevents smudging. Spacing of border/line, titles & cross hatching 2.5 mm & 5 mm. May be used with or without set squares. Simplifies drawing methods, steps up accuracy and saves time. Cibela A4 & A3 Drawing boards make technical drawing within reach of disabled students with one hand disability.